Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Dental Implants in Bentonville, AR

At Pinnacle Hills Dental Group we understand all of the ways a missing tooth can negatively affect someone. If you have a missing tooth, dental implants are one of the best options available for restoring your natural smile, improving your ability to chew, and enhancing your image. Although there are various options available with dental implants, most recreate the function and look of a natural tooth by installing a titanium mount in the jawbone and then placing a dental crown resembling a natural tooth on top of the post. Dental Implants provide a solution that is virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth while also restoring your ability to chew naturally. For someone with a noticeable missing tooth, this procedure can truly be a life-changing experience. The dental professionals at Pinnacle Hills Dental Group are leading experts in the field of dental implants and are ready to answer your questions so that you can decide if dental implants are the best option for you. And then, we are ready to walk alongside you through the journey of replacing your missing tooth and restoring a healthier and happier version of you.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is essentially a cap that goes on top of a damaged tooth. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials such as ceramic, metals, porcelain, composite resins, and more. When created and fitted correctly, a crown can be indistinguishable from your natural teeth. A crown can be placed on molars that are rarely seen or placed on your front teeth and crafted to naturally match the surrounding teeth. There are several key factors to consider when choosing a crown. These include cost, durability, strength, and how they will affect your smile. Your dental professional at Pinnacle Hills Dental Group will discuss each of these options with you so that you’re able to make the choice that makes the most sense for your life. Contact us today and find out if a Dental Crown from Pinnacle Hills Dental Group is the right fit for you.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to fill the space left by a missing tooth. A dental bridge can give you back the confidence of a restored smile and help maintain the overall shape of your face. Perhaps most importantly, a dental bridge can ensure that your natural teeth do not shift and fall out of alignment. There are multiple options for dental bridges, so it is likely that you’ll be a candidate for one or more of these restorative procedures. If you have a missing tooth, a dental bridge provided by caring professionals at Pinnacle Hills Dental Group could be an excellent option and help you to achieve the happier and healthier smile you desire. Contact us today for more details.


At Pinnacle Hills Dental Group we understand that tooth loss can be challenging on many levels. Not only can it affect chewing and lead to serious health concerns; but it can also be embarrassing and cause you to lose confidence. We want you to be the best version of yourself possible, and dentures may help you to get there. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. They can be partial and used to bridge a gap between your natural teeth left when there are one or more teeth missing. They can also be complete and used when all natural teeth have been removed. Dentures can restore or even improve your natural smile, and they can benefit overall oral health and boost confidence. If you’re ready to consider dentures, the caring professionals at Pinnacle Hills Dental Group are ready to answer any questions you might have and discuss the options available so that you can choose the best solution for your situation. Call us today to find out more.

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Tooth Replacement

Replacing a tooth is a delicate process and we have permanent and temporary options.

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Crowns & Veneers

Crowns & Veneers give us a chance to protect and preserve your beautiful smile.

TMJ Treatment

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry combines the art of aesthetics, the knowledge of dental structures, and the science behind technological innovations in order to make your teeth look and feel their best.


Straighten your teeth with a clear alternative to metal braces. (For Example: Invisalign®)

Clear aligners are a removable, discreet orthodontic treatment. They consist of a series of trays that you wear for several weeks at a time. As your teeth gently move into position, you start using the next set of trays.

Routine Exams

It is so important to stay disciplined with routine exams every six months.

Root Canal

A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed, well over 14 million every year. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges.

Teeth Whitening

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